Welcome Fellow Car Enthusiast’s

Boles motorsports is a personal blog created for the purpose of sharing unique experiences that have to do with car culture. My entire life I have been obsessed with the automotive industry. Its never ending, there’s thousands of automobile company’s and within said companies, millions of cars. I believe a vehicle is much more than just a form of transportation and plenty of others could say the same. It serves as an accessory, toy, learning experience and much more. I’ve always been fascinated with how much knowledge the automobile industry has to offer. Ever since I was a kid my dad would make me watch him change the brakes or the oil so I could learn to one day do it myself. Little did he know that would just be the spark for my burning desire to learn everything there is to learn from maintenance all the way to a full on 1000hp build. I hope I can share this desire to learn and hopefully even teach a few willing learners along the way. Stay tuned and don’t miss out!!

                ~Site Admin, Jeremiah

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