Hello everyone! My Name Is Jeremiah and I grew up in a small town just south of Houston called Deer Park. My passion for cars and car modification started at a very young age. I personally own over 150 Hot Wheels if that tells you anything.  As I got older and was able to understand cars and how they worked a little more, my curiosity only grew. I would watch and help my dad work on our old Chevy Suburban. It wasn’t exactly the ideal car I wanted to be working on but at least there was a car I could work on to begin with. My brother had gone to the military and had some spending cash so he started buying nice cars and modifying them. The most memorable car and arguably the one that set the hook for my final career decision, was a 2013 Roush Mustang Gt. He had done quiet a bit of work to it and If I had to guess it was right around 600hp. Then… He let me drive it, and that’s all it took, I was hooked. I loved the exhilarating feeling of being thrown back in your seat by the raw power of the car, the sound the engine made when it was high in the rpms, and the smell of burnt rubber filling the air. It was intoxicating, I couldn’t get enough. It was right then and there when I knew down to my very core that the car culture world was one I wanted to live and breathe in. So now I want to share my experiences with others and show how much can be learned and how much enjoyment can come from the car culture scene. I hope if your reading this your just like me and have already fallen in love with everything there is to do with cars, if not then I hope I can spark your interest the same way my father, and brother did to me.